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Ygge, Fredrik    A Multi-Commodity Market Approach to Power Load Management  ISES 8 
Hägg, Staffan  Fredrik Ygge  Agent-Oriented Programming in Power Distribution Automation - An Architecture, a Language, and their Applicability  Agent-oriented Programming (Lic. Thesis) 
Hägg, Staffan  Fredrik Ygge  An Architecture for Agent-Oriented Programming with a Programmable Model of Interaction  Agent-oriented Programming 
Akkermans, Hans  Fredrik Ygge, Rune Gustavsson  An Integrated Structured Analysis Approach to Intelligent Agent Communication  Papers 
Walsh, Bill  Michael Wellman, Fredrik Ygge  Combinatorial Auctions for Supply Chain Formation  Conference Papers 
Akkermans, Hans  Hans Ottosson et al  Conclusions and Directions for the Future: The BRIDGE project  KEES, Chap.8 
Sandholm, Tuomas  Fredrik Ygge  Constructing Speculative Demand Functions in Equilibrium Markets  Technical Reports 
Bosch-Sijtsema, Petra    Crossing Learning Boundaries. The Utility related Virtual Organisation ISES  ISES 4 
Larsson, Rikard  et al  Customer Side of Energy Saving Activities: Exploring Attitudes and Interests on the Karlshamn's Energy Market  KEES, Chap.3 
Driver, Michael J  Donald N. Cresse  Customer Style Accommodating Electric Billing: A New Interactive Service for Utility Firms  ISES 1 
Hägg, Staffan  Fredrik Ygge  DA-SoC: A Testbed for Modelling Distribution Automation Applications Using Agent-Oriented Programming  Papers 
Ygge, Fredrik  Hans Akkermans  Decentralized Markets versus Central Control: A Comparative Study,  Journal Articles 
Passby, Maria    Developing IT-based Interactive Services For The Power Consumer  ISES 1 
Andersson, Arne  Fredrik Ygge  DiMalloc: DIstributed Markets, negotiation, and resource ALLOCation  ITE - IT In Energy 
Ygge, Fredrik  Akkermans, Hans  Duality in Multi-Commodity Market Computations  ISES 8 
Andersson, Arne  Fredrik Ygge  Efficient Resource Allocation with Non-Concave Objective Functions  Technical Reports 
Sweet, Patrick    Electronic Commerce and Interactive Business Processes: Virtual Organizations & Community Network Opportunities for the Power Industry  ISES 1 
Norlen, Urban  Niclas Björsell  Electronic energy services to the home: A demonstrator of the Energy Barometer system  KEES, Chap.6 
Gustavsson, Rune  Marko Krejic  Enabling technologies supporting energy related services  KEES, Chap.5 
Akkermans, Hans  Michael J. Driver, Rikard Larsson, Hans Ottosson  Energy Dynamics: A Marketing and Information Management Concept for the 21st Century  ISES 1 
Akkermans, Hans  Hans Ottosson et al  Energy Efficiency in a Deregulated Market 1999  KEES Project Book 
Ygge, Fredrik    Energy Resellers – An Endangered Species?  EnerSearch Reports 
Boman, Magnus  Paul Davidsson, Nikolaos Skarmeas et al  Energy Saving and Added Customer Value in Intelligent Buildings  ISES 9 
Davidsson, Paul  Magnus Boman  Energy Saving and Value Added Sevices: Controlling Intelligent Buildings Using a Multi-Agent Systems Approach  ISES 8 
Gebremedhin, Alemayehu  Lennart Larsson, Björn G Karlsson  Energy System Analysis: Optimization of the Karlshamn Energy System  KEES, Chap.2 
*    Establishing Dialogue With The Power Consumer  ISES 
Karlsson, Björn  Dag, S  European Industries on a Deregulated Energy Market – The Volvo Case  ISES Book, Chap.2 
Larsson, Rikard  Patrick Sweet, Claus Baderschneider  High-Precision Energy Marketing: Customer Style Accommodation through Sales Partnering and Interactive Market Learning  ISES 4 
Larsson, Rikard  Patrick Sweet, Claus Baderschneider  High-Precision Energy Marketing: Customer Style Accommodation through Sales Partnering and Interactive Market Learning  ISES 1 
Sweet, Patrick    High-Precision Marketing Platforms and Electronic Commerce: Report to NUTEK  ISES 1 
Larsson, Rikard  Maria Passby  High-Precision Marketing through Customer Style Accommodation: Utility Industry Applications  ISES 1 
Ygge, Fredrik Akkermans, Hans et al  Homebots Systems and Field tests: A Multi-Commodity Market for Predicitive Load Management  Intelligent Agents 
Ygge, Fredrik  Rune Gustavsson, Hans Akkermans  HOMEBOTS: Intelligent Agents for Decentralized Load Management  ISES 8 
Akkermans, Hans  Fredrik Ygge, Rune Gustavsson  HOMEBOTS: Intelligent Decentralized Services for Energy Management  ISES 8 
Baderschneider, Claus    Human Side of Marketing in a Deregulating Industry  ISES 1 
Baderschneider, Claus    Human Side of Marketing in a Deregulating Industry -The Impact of Decision Styles on the Quality of Customer Relationships  Master Thesis 
Passby, Maria    Ideal Marketing Dialogue - Improve Costumer Chemistry In Strategic Information Systems  ISES 1 
Bergström, Ulrika    Impact of deregulation - DSM in Industries  ISES 5 
Ygge, Fredrik    Improving the Computational Efficiency of Combinatorial Auction Algorithms  Technical Reports 
Andersson, Arne  Mattias Tenhunen, Fredrik Ygge  Integer Programming for Combinatorial Auction Winner determination  Conference Papers 
Davidsson, Paul    Intelligent Buildings: Energy Saving and Value added Services  ISES Book, Chap.6 
Ygge, Fredrik  Astor, Eric  Interacting Intelligent Software Agents in Demand Management  ISES 8 
Sweet, Patrick    Interactive Business Processes & High-Precision Market Development: Implications for the Power Industry  ISES 1 
Sweet, Patrick  Kenneth Brousseau, Nasrin Biglari  Interactive Market Learning Systems: Creating Customer Value through High-precision Product Development and Market Communication  ISES 1 
Larsson, Rikard  Michael J. Driver, Patrick Sweet  Interactive Marketing and Organisation Learning Dynamics Implications of ISES Research for Energy Companies  ISES Book, Chap.3 
Larsson, Rikard  Patrick Sweet  Interactive Marketing Information Systems: Towards High-Precision Market Communication through Electronic Media  ISES 1 
Sweet, Patrick    Interactive Services Marketing and Customer Decision Styles: A Dynamic Model with some Empirical Evidence  ISES 1 
Ottosson, Hans    ISES - Information/Society/Energy/System  ISES Book, Chap.1 
Ottosson, Hans  Hans Akkermans, Fredrik Ygge  ISES Project Book  ISES 
Ottosson, Hans    ISES Project Members  ISES Book, Chap.11 
Bergström, Ulrika    IT, Optimized Energy Systems and New Customer Services – The Deregulated Electricity Market and the Ronneby Case  ISES 5 (Lic. thesis) 
Ståhl, Christoffer  Håkan Petterson  Karlshamn IT Infrastructure  KEES, Chap.4 
Akkermans, Hans  Hans Ottosson  KEES Book: Summary in Swedish  KEES Project Book 
Akkermans, Hans  Hans Ottosson  KEES Project: Energy Efficiency in a Deregulated Market  KEES, Chap.1 
Gustavsson, Rune    Knowledge Management through IT support in Distributed organisations  ISES Book, Chap.4 
Selander, Lars  Göran Lindell, Tonny I. Mortensen  Load Profile and Communication Channel Characteristics of the Low Voltage Grid  ISES 7 
Ygge, Fredrik    Making a Case for Multi-Agent Systems  ISES 8 
Andersson, Arne  Fredrik Ygge  Managing Large Scale Computational Markets  ISES 8 
Larsson, Rikard  Claus Baderschneider  Market Interaction: A Decision Style Approach for Creating Customer Value through Business Information Systems  ISES 4 
Larsson, Rikard  Claus Baderschneider  Market Interaction: A Decision Style Approach for Creating Customer Value through Business Information Systems  ISES 1 
Ygge, Fredrik    Market-Oriented Programming and its Application to Power Load Management  Ph.D. Dissertation 
Lindell, Göran    On Frequency-Hopping and Non-Coherent Reception in PLC Applications  ISES 7 
Ygge, Fredrik  Akkermans, Hans  On Resource-Oriented Multi-Commodity Market Computations  Papers 
Sandholm, Tuomas  Fredrik Ygge  On the Gains and Losses of Speculation in Equilibrium Markets  ISES 8 
Ygge, Fredrik  OnToKnowledge group  OnToKnowledge: Ontology-based Tools for Knowledge Management  OnToKnowledge 
Lindell, Göran    Power Line Communications  ISES Book, Chap.7 
Ygge, Fredrik  Akkermans, Hans  Power Load Management as a Computational Market  Papers 
Ygge, Fredrik    Power Load Management as a Multi-Commodity Market  ISES 8 
Selander, Lars   Power-Line Communications: Channel Properties and Communication Strategies  Power-Line Communications
Cheong, Kam-Hoong  Torsten Cegrell  Practical Recommendations from a System Engineering's Perspective  KEES, Chap.7 
Akkermans, Hans  Fredrik Ygge, Rune Gustavsson  Pragmatics of Agent Communication  ISES 8 
Carlsson, Per    Resursallokering i stora system (English abstract available)  Other Publications 
Shahmehri, Nahid  Mats Gustafsson  Security Issues in Distributed Information Systems  ISES Book, Chap.8 
Bergström, Ulrika    Simulation of a local energy system with focus on cost-efficient DSM measures on a deregulated electricity market  ISES 5 
Akkermans, Hans  Fredrik Ygge  Smart Software as Customer Assistant in Large-Scale Distributed Load Management  ISES 8 
Akkermans, Hans  Fredrik Ygge, Arne Andersson  Smart Solutions: Energy Management through Electronic Markets  ISES Book, Chap.5 
Dijk, Elmer van  Rolf Raven, Fredrik Ygge  SmartHome User Interface: Controlling Your Home Through the Internet  ISES 8 
Bosch-Sijtsema, Petra    Stimulating cooperation in Interorganisational Relationships  Master Thesis 
Akkermans, Hans  Rune Gustavsson, Fredrik Ygge  Structured Engineering Process for Agent Communication Modelling  Knowledge Engineering 
Driver, Michael J  Petra Bosch-Sijtsema  Style-based Team-Buidling of Virtual organisations: The ISES Case of R&D Cooperation in the Utility Industry  ISES 4 
Cegrell, Torsten    Systems Specification and Requirements Engineering  ISES Book, Chap.9 
Selander, Lars  Tonny I Mortensen  Technical and Commercial Evaluation of the IDAM System in Ronneby, Sweden  ISES 7 
Boman, Magnus  Paul Davidsson  Test Implementations of Information and Decision Support Systems  ISES 8 
Bergström, Ulrika    Traditional load management versus real time load control  ISES 5 (RISI Conference) 
Ottosson, Hans  Hans Akkermans, David Healey  Transmission of Data over the Electricity Power Lines  ISES 7/Power line communication 
Akkermans, Hans  Hans Ottosson, David Healey  Transmission of Data the Electricity Power Lines  ISES 10 
Akkermans, Hans  David Healey, Hans Ottosson  Transmission of Data the Electricity Power Lines  ISES Book, Chap.10 
Brousseau, Kenneth  Michael J. Driver, Jennifer Schönknecht  Utility-Driven Local Business Development: A New Strategy for Energizing Customer Communities  ISES 1 
Bosch-Sijtsema, Petra  Jan Bosch  Virtual versus Physical. The Future?  ISES 4 
Bosch-Sijtsema, Petra    Virtualising the Utility Industry through Interorganisational Learning  ISES 4 
Baderschneider, Claus    Winning and keeping customers: A Decision Style view on key account selling in the electrical utility industry  ISES 4