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Biogas to Biomethane - cleaning and further enrichment of biogas to natural gas quality

Prime Minister of India, Dr. Manmohan Singh an Energy Conclave 2006 Biogas (Methane) is being produced from waste. This biogas has to be upgraded to natural gas quality in order to be used in normal vehicles designed to use natural gas. Gas upgrading is normally performed in two steps where the main step is the process that removes the CO2 from the gas.

EnerSearch provides a necessary scrubbing and cleaning unit. This technology separates carbon dioxide from methane by adsorption of carbon dioxide at different pressure levels. The adsorption material also adsorbs hydrogen sulphide irreversibly.
The gas leaving the top of the adsorber vessel contains more than 97% methane.

After the biogas cleaning unit the next step is the dispensing unit where the Biomethane is stored in 200 bar bottles.

The whole process can be registered as a CDM project since it lowers emissions of methane and CO2 into the atmosphere.