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The EnerSearch Solar Facade combines Heating, Ventilation and Insulation

Detailed information in German on www.enersearch.com/solar

Fossil energy has to be substituted by renewable energy to reduce CO2 emissions. At present renewable energy solutions are quite expensive and ineffective. In the next future all private, industrial or public buildings will have to use solar heating in order to save energy and reduce CO2 emissions.

In additon, it will be necessary to insulate the existing buildings in order to save heating costs in a short run. However, when using an Exterior Insulating and Finishing System, EFIS (German: Wärmedämmverbundsystem, WDVS), it is almost crucial also to install a ventilation system so as not risk the growth of mould.

The EnerSearch solution is to use solar energy to heat up air which is led into a building, thus providing fresh, warm air for heating and ventilation purposes.

Thus, the solar facade system does not only offer heating. Due to the regular supply of fresh air, the ventilation effectively prevents mould growth.

And when the system is not in operation the integrated insulation keeps the heat in the house in winter and prohibits over heating of the building in summer.

The EnerSearch solar facade system thus offers heating, ventilation and insulation combined in one product.

• Due to the use of new polymeres and the positioning on the building wall the system is especially designed for winter conditions, effectively saving heating costs.

• Prevents the growth of mould in providing effective ventilation.

• Unbeatable price - due to the new materials and the combination of heating, ventilation and insulation in one product.

• Heat storage up to 24 hrs – that’s why the system operates also during night and bad weather conditions.

• The solar facade is available as single modules or as a system, thus cost efficient and easy to install.

• Available in different colours and with a rough surface, thus easy to integrate in an existing facade plaster.

• Online documention of heat savings.

EnerSearch installed three 4m² solar modules in Stuttgart-Obertürkheim (Germany), one for each storey.

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