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The ISES Project Book

The ISES project book, available below, serves as a final report on the ISES-project. The book was published in 1998 by EnerSearch AB.

Executive summary

by H. Ottosson.

The ISES Project - Information/Society/Energy/System - is a three-year multidisciplinary research activity that began in 1996. The project has been carried out as nine sub-projects, further described below.

The overall goal is to understand and develop electronic information tools integrated in energy distribution. Three main areas have been in focus:

  • Understanding and developing the technical information exchange mechanisms in large distributed information systems through advanced computer science
  • Understanding and developing the human information exchange mechanisms through advanced behaviour analysis
  • Evaluating and developing applied technology for efficient information systems through full-scale field tests

EnerSearch AB is a research company that focuses on applying information technology to energy systems. EnerSearch has the principal responsibility for the project.

EnerSearch AB is equally owned by Sydkraft AB and IBM Utility and Energy Services. Apart from the two owners, powerful sponsors have joined the project.

  ABB Network Partners AB Arne Johansson
  Electricité de France Robert Froelich
  IBM Utility and Energy Services Peter Löffler
  IT Blekinge Svante Ingemarsson
  PreussenElektra AG Konrad Mussenbrock
  Ronneby Municipality Jan-Anders Palmqvist
  Sydkraft AB Lennart Fredenberg

A number of persons have contributed significantly to the results of the ISES Project, from financial support to discussions and advice. All project members (Chapter 11) are deeply grateful to the support that has made this stimulating work possible.

Download the whole ISES Book as a single PDF file.