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The KEES Project

Energy Efficiency in a Deregulated Market 1999


The ISES Project - Information, Society, Energy, System - was started in 1996 and finished three years later, in 1998. The initial tasks for the project was to study in which way the fast expanding information technology would make energy distribution more efficient and at the same time create synergism with the growing information society by offering the electrical grid as a communication channel. Through the ISES project (ISBN:91-9753567-0-0), the foundation for a continuing engagement in the Blekinge County was formed within the field of "IT in Energy" and a plan developed to give Blekinge a strong profile in one of many application sectors of IT. The Karlskrona/Ronneby University College became an active part in this work.

The present project report covers work, in which the focus have been to study the potential for energy savings in one of the municipalities in the Blekinge county - Karlshamn. The project has through support from DESS (the Delegation for Energy Supply in the South of Sweden), SITI (the Swedish IT Institute), EnerSearch AB (an industrial research consortium), and the Karlshamn Municipality and, the County Administa-tive Board in Blekinge been carried through during 1999. The joint collaboration by co-workers from several universities in Sweden made the project possible. In the deliberate work to profile Blekinge in this important application sector of IT, a number of new activities are planned to enlarge and develop the knowledge generated in the two present projects. Hans Ottosson Torsten Magnusson President Municipal Commissioner EnerSearch AB Karlshamn Municipality

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