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Energy Dynamics:

A Marketing and Information Management Concept for the 21st Century


The energy industry is facing an increasingly dynamic situation with deregulation and accelerating technological change. This presents a strategic challenge for utilities to speed up their marketing learning curve through an integrated approach where previous more or less piecemeal experiences are combined with new marketing insights and information technology (IT) developments.

The purpose of this paper is to develop an integrated and dynamic management concept for utility firms, that will enable them to effectively handle the marketing and IT challenges arising from deregulation and technological changes.

The "energy dynamics" concept is outlined in terms of three synergistic approaches - high-precision marketing, advanced IT applications, and utility-driven local business development - that can create value for industrial, commercial, and household customers, through, for example, interactive market learning systems, glocal electronic commerce and glocal knowledge systems that are based on a dynamic Decision Style model of human information processing.

The entire paper in PDF format.