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High-Precision Marketing Platforms and Electronic Commerce: Report to NUTEK


New media system investments are increasing for companies and consumers. But just how can new media best contribute to value development and sales support for companies and users. This report examines a promising aspect for value development using new media. For example, as people are bombarded by increasing amounts of information, and we spend increasing amounts of time processing it via new media, an effort that links "the ways we use media with the ways we think and make decisions" should offer value to end users, system designers, and system deployers. Such research and development could lead to dynamically customising messages and presentations in ways most likely to attract user attention and encourage loyalty. Such "high precision" systems offer a value-added platform for system design and content development offering support in mediated and face-to-face marketing contexts. This report presents key cognitive elements for developing such a platform.

The entire paper in PDF format.