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Fredrik Ygge

SmartHome User Interface: Controlling Your Home Through the Internet

By Elmar van Dijk, Rolf Raven, and Fredrik Ygge.
In Proceeding of DA/DSM '96, Vienna, Austria, pp. 675 - 686.


Parallel to the rapid development of home automation equipment, we witness the so called information revolution, where Internet and other global networks are growing with an ever increasing pace. In order to make home automation economically feasible, we believe it to be vital to take advantage of the progress in modern information technology, such as the World-Wide Web and Virtual Reality technology.

In this paper we describe how standard tools, normally with free client software, can be used to create a very powerful and intuitive interface to an automated household. Our implementation makes it possible to control and supervise the household from anywhere in the world, e.g. from inside the house or from another continent.

The entire paper in PDF, A4 format.

The entire paper in PDF, US Letter format.

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