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Interacting Intelligent Software Agents in Demand Management

By Fredrik Ygge and Eric Astor. In Proceeding of DA/DSM '95, Rome, Italy. Also available as Research Report 12/95 at the Department of Computer Science and Business Administration at the University College of Karlskrona/Ronneby, Sweden.

The paper is a quite high-level paper written for people with background in energy management and with limited knowledge in computer science.


Even though distributed computing and two-way communication with the customer is becoming a reality for many energy distribution companies, there is still a need to develop methodologies for more efficient energy management. In this paper we discuss current approaches to demand management, and then present ideas from other areas applied in energy management. We introduce concepts such as computational markets and software agents in this context. In addition, methods entirely based on distributed problem solving to address the computationally hard problems of resource allocation with vast number of clients are described. We also discuss how these methods can be used to perform cost/benefit analysis of demand management.

The entire paper in PDF format.

The slides from the presentation in PDF format.