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Fredrik Ygge

Power Load Management as a Computational Market

By Fredrik Ygge and Hans Akkermans. In Proceeding of International Conference on Multi-Agent Systems (ICMAS) '96, pp 393 - 400. AAAI Press, Menlo Park, CA.

The paper is a rather technical paper written for people with background in computer science and computational markets.


Power load management enables energy utilities to reduce peak loads and thereby save money. Due to the large number of different loads, power load management is a complicated optimization problem. We present a new decentralized approach to this problem by modelling direct load management as a computational market. Our simulation results demonstrate that our approach is very efficient with a superlinear rate of convergence to equilibrium and an excellent scalability, requiring few iterations even when the number of agents is in the order of one thousand. A framework for analysis of this and similar problems is given which shows how non-linear optimization and numerical mathematics can be exploited to characterize, compare, and tailor problem-solving strategies in market-oriented programming.

Note: This paper is under copyright of AAAI. For copyright information please refer to the AAAI Press pages.

The entire paper in PDF format.

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