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Fredrik Ygge

HOMEBOTS: Intelligent Decentralized Services for Energy Management

By Hans Akkermans, Fredrik Ygge, and Rune Gustavsson. In Proceedings of The Fourth International Symposium on the Management of Industrial and Corporate Knowledge, ISMICK '96, Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 21-22 October 1996.

The paper is a quite high-level paper written for people with background in knowledge management.


The deregulation of the European energy market, combined with emerging advanced capabilities of information technology, provides strategic opportunities for new knowledge-oriented services on the power grid. HOMEBOTS is the name we have coined for one of these innovative services: decentralized power load management at the customer side, automatically carried out by a 'society' of intelligent household, industrial and utility equipment. They act as independent intelligent agents that communicate and negotiate in a computational market economy. The knowledge and competence aspects of this application are discussed, using an improved version of task analysis according to the CommonKADS knowledge methodology. Illustrated by simulation results, we indicate how customer knowledge can be mobilized to achieve joint goals of cost and energy savings.

The entire paper in PDF format.

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